Next Generation Speech Technology

Clearly Accurate

Capio recognizes speech in noisy environments, and learns individual accents and behavior patterns in just a few interactions.

Clearly Reliable

Our patented Embedded Cloud provides cloud-quality speech recognition anywhere you go – with or without an Internet connection.

Clearly Insightful

Our contextually-aware ASR engine is powered by years of research from Carnegie Mellon University and the latest advancements in Deep Learning.

Clearly Efficient

Capio leverages the power of thousands of parallel cores on a single GPU to transcribe audio and process information faster than anything else on the market – freeing up computational resources for other uses.

Clearly Customizable

Capio offers the services of an entire speech development team in a single platform. With just a few clicks, we deliver customizable models that outperform off-the-shelf, best-of-breed speech solutions.